Sustainable Healthcare

for vulnerable communities abroad

Next event  - July 27-Aug 3, 2024

Medical Mission in Guajira - Colombia



our story


Together, through our conviction and skills, we share The Gospel thru medical brigades in vulnerable communities abroad to improve their health and to see God glorified.

our Vision

Improve living conditions

in some of the most vulnerable communities abroad

thru sustainable healthcare

Impact Stories

Pic of Baby Fabio

Two-month-old baby survives malnutrition.

Guajira - Colombia

Baby Fabio was severely malnourished and in critical need of emergency care.


Our schedule had us at this community for only one day.


Thanks to our local partner for coordinating both a nutritional plan for baby Fabio, and a lactation therapy program for the mother to ensure baby Fabio's survival. 

2019-Weeks-old-baby Rushed to Hospital

Newborn baby rushed to Hospital - another life saved

Guajira - Colombia

This baby was born in the community, just a few weeks before we arrived.

While natural birth is common practice, sanitary conditions are almost never adequate.


This baby was severely malnourished with complications from other health conditions.


Our team rushed both baby and mother to the Hospital, where they were kept until the baby was strong and healthy to return to the community.



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