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Providing Healthcare

We team up with healthcare organizations to help bridge the gaps and remove obstacles that stand in the way of providing basic care, medications, follow-ups, and monitoring.
Together we can help these communities combat malnutrition and the spread of diseases threatening the lives of innocent children.

Building Bridges

We connect needs and resources so organizations and individuals who share similar values and objectives can join in the efforts to deliver a sustainable model to meet these health challenges so these communities can flourish and succeed.

Mobilizing Teams

We serve these communities thru mobilization of medical teams, training, education, medicines, equipment, and supplies.
Teams are equipped with tools to work more efficiently and from any location where connectivity is adequate.
Today's global environment demands patient safety, so basic telehealth tools are available for remote follow ups and monitoring.

Sharing The Word

We continue to build strong relationships with our church partners, ministries and faith-based organizations so sharing the Gospel remains an integral part of the overall healthcare outcomes for these communities.


Much of the needs in these communities is the lack of education and more can be than thru collaboration for education for children and youth.


Mental health is a part of the overall health for these communities. Our teams provide spiritual counseling; however, more needs to be done to address the clinical aspect of mental health. 

Why we care!

2018 Colombia child weight and measure

Fighting Malnutrition

Together we can help children grow up in healthy environments
2019 Vanessa aand Lina


Education and counseling on nutritional values for infants and children
2018 Colombia Wayuu Fam1

Healthy Families

Education on healthy childbirth and raising children 
2018 Colombia Sanitation Children

Improving Sanitation 

The importance for children to develop good hygiene practices
2020 Mexico CPR (2)

CPR Education 

Showing the communities CPR as a life-saving procedure for emergencies
2020 Mexico Couseling


Developing healthier communities thru Christian counseling, prayer and sharing the Gospel
2020 Dentist Durango Mex

A Window to Overall Health 

Providing Dental Care to under-served communities
Bible Stories

Children are the Future

Sharing Bible stories with the children - New beginnings


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